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Key is designed to support women through every life stage, from her first period, through menopause and beyond. Ready to join us?

  • “I had reduced cramps in the first month on Key and by month two they were gone, this works!”

    Aisling, Key for Menstrual

  • “The last few days I’ve noticed I can keep going without having to take a break. My mood is better, not as many flushes.”

    Mary, Key for Peri + Menopause

  • ”It's a great vitamin and I definitely notice my sleep is even better than before. I am making sure to stay consistent with it.”

    Sinead, Key for Menstrual

Doing better for women, always

Key supplements are designed to give support, information, and products that work through every life stage.

Through meticulous research and staying up to date with the latest studies, we aim to provide women with the best solutions for every life stage. From period cramps and bloating, to hot flushes and mood changes through menopause, to help with hair growth and skin elasticity, Key supplements are designed to help you feel your best, every day of the month.

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