Created by two women

solving their own problems

Hi, We’re Donna & Renée, co-founders of Key, and we’re so happy you’re here!

We're two Irish best friends and cousins. We have both faced challenging female health issues which required personalised solutions and support. Over the past decade we became increasingly aware of and frustrated by the lack of tailored solutions and fragmented support available to us as women.

These experiences sent us on a pioneering journey into Femtech armed with the vision of creating a unified health, wellness and beauty experience - Key for all life stages, serving tailored product solutions, information, services, insight and support.

Our team has created KeyAI which allows every woman personalisation and insight into her individual health and wellbeing. Our customer’s voice is our driving force, we are here to help women navigate different life stages from her first period, through menopause, her health, wellness, beauty and beyond.

We’re so glad you’re on this journey with us.

Renée & Donna x Dublin, Ireland

Our Philosophy

  • Connecting Women

    We're bringing women across the globe together through shared experiences.

  • Transparency & Education

    When it comes to your health, ignorance is the furthest thing from bliss. We're knocking down the walls of stigma around women's health.

  • Inclusive Wellbeing

    We're committed to helping every woman, through every stage of life & have joined the fight against period poverty to support women & girls in need.

  • Trust & Sustainability

    We are committed to providing quality ingredients and products you can trust, and to making the world a better place.

Why you’ll Love Key

More ingredients. More benefits. Key supplements are designed to keep pace with your busy life!

Whether you want better sleep, feel more energetic, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, grow your hair or reduce symptoms, Key has the answer! Get back to feeling like your best self. Key is designed to support you from the inside out.
Key is simple, because feeling your best shouldn't have to be hard.

  • Formulated by experts
  • Expertly sourced, highest quality ingredients
  • Manufactured in trusted GMP certified & FDA registered facilities in Europe.
  • Suited for your life stage
  • Convenient, travel & handbag-friendly
  • Highly rated, 5 star average reviews

Learn more 

About Yourself

Our information hub is bursting with facts about your menstrual cycle, menopause journey, and the research we've done over the years to make Key a straight-forward solution for women.

  • What causes early menopause — and what can you do about it

    The average age for menopause Is 51. Perimenopause symptoms can start 10 to 12 years before, find out why and the treatments available.

  • Period fatigue: how to fight period tiredness

    This Is of the most common period symptoms so let's take a look at the main causes behind period fatigue and the Key solutions to combat it.

  • Dr Caoimhe Hartley

    "Now - finally - it's time to better prepare women for perimenopause and menopause"

  • How can you maintain healthy blood sugar levels through menopause?

    Blood sugar levels have a big impact during menopause and play a role in managing everything from anxiety to controlling weight gain.

  • What are the best vitamins to take?

    The key nutrients that your body needs actually change over time especially if you're experiencing hormonal symptoms. Learn how adapting your supplements to suit your life stage Is critical.

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