How We Can Help

The most advanced and best tasting collagen peptide supplement on the market. Award winning Key Collagen with clinically proven VERISOL® Collagen Peptides to grow and thicken hair and decrease fine lines and wrinkles*. Scientifically formulated and Evidence based.

Increasing hair growth, thickness and quality

Decreasing the depth and volume of wrinkles

Improving skin elasticity & hydration

Improving the appearance of cellulite & supporting joints

Improving the growth and quality of nails

Results can be seen in 1-3 months


How We Can Help

Our two-step supplement includes two unique blends to support your daily wellness and help naturally alleviate the symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause*.

Energy Levels

Mood, Stress & PMS

Hot Flashes & Excessive Sweating

Sleep & Relaxation

Hormonal Health, Bloating & Cravings

Brain Fog & Cognitive Function


How We Can Help

Our two-step supplement includes two unique blends to support your daily health and help naturally alleviate the symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle*.

PMS & Mood Changes

Cramps & Bloating

Skin Breakouts

Energy Levels


Hormonal Health


How Key has helped others

Real women. Real Success! Unite with thousands of women like you, who are loving their Key products. They're seeing and feeling great results!

  • I've taken them religiously every day, I feel more energized. Happy to know I'm taking good pure supplements suitable for my age. I will definitely continue, thank you so much, girls! Can’t recommend this product enough.

    Linda Byrne

  • I definitely find my skin brighter and smoother and my hair is in better condition. I've recommended it to all my friends. I’m 67 and I will definitely keep taking it for a long time, it's a great product.

    Pauline Doyle

  • This is the year I get myself back! Key for her was the kickstart I needed in putting my best foot forward, I feel great, I’m bursting with energy and my PMS symptoms are low to none on the lead up to my period.

    Vicki Crowley Browne


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Our information hub is bursting with facts about your menstrual cycle, menopause journey, and the research we've done over the years to make Key a straight-forward solution for women.

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